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We are very pleased to announce that Fix Sell Pay are partnering with the Frankston Dolphins Football Netball Club as a Silver Partner for season 2018.

FIX – That’s what we do, SELL – That’s what we help you do, PAY – Not until you have sold!

Fix Sell Pay carry out the complete renovation of your property to your specification, with no money payable until your house sells.

Let the experts advise you on the best repairs and modifications to maximise your property’s sales potential.

You’re not forced to skimp on the work needed. And you won’t end up with a half-finished, shoddy job which is an instant turn-off to potential buyers.

Fix Sell Pay are Melbourne renovators with a difference. They understand the Catch 22 of house sales. You can’t raise the lump sum required for renovation before you find a buyer. Yet you can’t win the buyer until you find the lump sum to present your house, unit or apartment in the best possible light.

No problem. Fix Sell Pay bridges this gap pretty much every day of the week.

Their specialist consultant sits down with you, gives expert advice, works out precisely what you want your property to look like, and fixes it up using a wide, established network of contractors, service providers and estate agents.

They listen, advise and arrive at a renovation solution to suit your property, aspirations and budget.

And here’s the best bit. You don’t have to pay a cent until your house is sold and settled – zero stress and maximum result.

Turn the stress of renovating and selling your home into a positive and profitable experience.

Fix Sell Pay

1300 349 735

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